How To Wear Stacked Bracelets

How To Wear Stacked Bracelets

Stacks! No, we are not talking about much cash you got or eating dirt after trying to pull off that ambitious jump on your mountain bike. Bracelet stacks. They are everywhere at the moment and for good reason. They look good! Well... when done properly they look good. So how do you stack bracelets properly? 

Stacking bracelets is the art of styling different types of bracelets on the wrist at the same time, and is sometimes referred to as layering. The idea is to pull off a unique look that a single bracelet cannot deliver.

So how do you go about it? Start by stacking two to three bracelets that are somewhat similar in theme but don’t necessarily match with regards to color or material. When stacking a few bracelets at the same time, it is best to go with bracelets that are thinner and smaller in size, such as a paracord bracelet or beaded bracelets. Even a slim and minimalist cuff bracelet can work. These can then be combined with a leather bracelet to add further visual interest.

A great example, and in conjunction with the above, would be to combine two beaded bracelets and a brown or black leather bracelet.

This look would result in a balanced but colorful stackable bracelet look that harmonizes color, material, styles and widths of bracelets, resulting in an instant conversation starter!

So don't hold back on accumulating some bracelets. The more you have, the more you can experiment with stacking which means more options and flexibility when it comes to styling your outfit. 


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